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Patient Management


Smart Technology

An intuitive interface enables easier and more confident patient management.

Patient-Based: Simple and intuitive

The HVAD® System has an intuitive, first-of-its-kind user interface, providing clear instructions and information for patients.

The simple-to-learn system helps patients more easily monitor their condition and pump performance.

Its lightweight, portable equipment is designed to be more user-friendly, allowing for greater mobility.

The plug-and-play connections make changing power sources simple and routine.

Clinician-Based: Individualized therapy

The HVAD System is easy for clinicians to teach patients with the goal being to get patients home.

The system offers customizable alarms and features, so clinicians can provide individualized therapy for each patient.

The interface displays reliable and accurate data to help clinicians make more confident and informed decisions.

Program-Based: Reducing the burden

The System requires minimal maintenance as compared to other commercially available VADs.

As the system is easy to teach – and easy to learn – team training time is efficient.

The system’s real-time and logged data gives clinicians an in-depth view of the patient’s condition, allowing for more focused clinic visits.

Patient Equipment

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