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Proven Versatility


The smallest and lightest weight VAD, designed to be implanted completely within the pericardial space.

A VAD that offers surgical versatility

The HVAD® Pump is the lightest weight VAD1 available today, affording more surgical versatility to treat the broadest range of patients.

The integrated inflow cannula offers the flexibility to fit into smaller-framed patients and treat more complex patients. It also allows for stable inflow position – even with body habitus changes – eliminating complication of malposition.2

The pump has a 10mm outflow graft that attaches to the artery, reducing the anastomotic size by approximately 50% compared to other devices. This enables treatment of patients with small anastomotic landing sites or the flexibility to change arterial locations.

A VAD that’s easier to implant

  • Allows for less invasive and off-pump implantation, exchange, and explanation.3
  • Ensures a stable position in the left ventricle, even with ventricular and body changes that occur after implant.2
  • Eliminates the need for a pump pocket, which may lead to decreased bleeding and decreased blood product sue.

The HVAD System provides customized surgical tools for a simple 3-step implantation procedure.

  • Proprietary sewing ring allowing for versatile attachment prior to coring.
  • Precise apical coring tool designed to capture excised tissue.

1. Weighs only 160 grams. 23.7 mm base height is 30% thinner than other devices. 50 cc pericardial volume is 38% less than other devices.
2. Sorensen,E, et al. Computed tomography correlates of inflow cannula malposition in a continuous-flow ventricular-assist-device. J Heart Lung Transpl. 2013;32(6):654-7.
3. Sabashnikov, a, et al. Outcomes in patients receiving Heartmate II versus HVAD left ventricular device as a bridge to transplantation. Transplant Proc. 2014;46:1469-75.

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